Wimbly Lu Chocolates

Winter Fall is coming.

Love 'em Fridays. Feng and I have decided to train home on Thursdays because hall is becoming slightly suffocating & also, so that we can get the car for brunch/tea. Got our special guest appearance Vin this week 'cuz he had his cohesion outing. Yay for early book outs. 
WimblyLu's tucked in a small corner of Riang road. We got majorly lost, but were so glad when we finally found the little string of shop houses. They looks like the restaurants at Opera or Walton Estate. So serene and peaceful- what you really need to end the week. We ordered 2 desserts each. On average, prices range from $6-7 per slice of cake. Chocolate overload much. Molten chocolate lava, lemon meringue (naturally), *Root Beer cake and icecream, Cheese toasties, Nutella tart and Chocolate cheese cake. *Btw, when I say Root Beer cake & icecream, you can really taste the root beer. The place really looked like it was in Autumn with all the leaves and vines on walls and around the canopy. They even had their own seal on the table clip (see photo above!). It was kind of a gloomy afternoon, but the indoor-sy glass ceiling just made it all the more enchanting. I felt the compelling need to bring my snuggie and wind down with a book, but naturally, when you're with 2 guys, nothing is ever that way.

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