We will never be royal

I confess. I just splurged on Runway Bandits and Her Velvet Vase. Ashamed? I think not. So glad everything finally arrived in the mail this week; together with my sexayebeast le Blue Yeti recording mic from Amazon that Dad kindly sponsored. Someone needs to start controling my finances soon. Thanks for the photos Delia.

#UPDATE: & while you're still here, let us entertain you with our first cover using the Blue Yeti ^^ Enjoy~~

#UPDATE2: Special thanks to Ansen Goh for sharing our vid on the Obscured.sg page here. Now Adelia has the right to scold me for posting the video. She thinks she looks terrible. Somebody please tell her she looks like a total diva and her voice is amazing.


Jeanette GLoves said...

You look perfect.

Amanda L. said...

Thanks darl <3