Pasarbella @ The Grand Stand

 When in doubt, always go for them, Lemon tarts.

The most huge ass girnomous paella I've ever seen. Only at PasarBella.

Probably the best decorated florist in town.

Dutch Colony
Finally, yes, finally, got round to Pasarbella @ the Turf City Grandstand. Can't help the jitters, I'm so excited to even talk about our little expedition to the West. Pasarbella is an Australian themed Flea Market that opened in April 2013. It prominently reminds me of the Flea Markets in Fremantle, WA- less the handicrafts and much more good food/pastries. Went slightly frantic again, like the first time in Marche. We combed the place, only to settle for  for some Iced Chai latte and mochas @ Dutch Colony. Loved how they got all spooktastic with spiderwebs and red lighting. Even the baristas were all dressed in Halloween outfits. Really wanted a photo with the Flinstone guy though. Sobs. That wins my vote for best Halloween costume I've seen this year. 
My Sunday lunch adventure with ze parents ended off with Daddy getting me a You're Special balloon from the party shop because I... begged him to get me one. I'm not exactly sure what Imma to do with it yet, but, it's adorable, so - end of story -. Yeap, those are the folks.