Presents from ADM PTL peoples

Think love, think comfort, and peace. You know that feeling of utter joy when you're remembered? As much of needy-insecure it sounds, it's such a guilty pleasure/privilege to stay in your happy place. Was down & about (again) last night. Muddled and agonized, to be exact. Thus imagine the joy when the clan of ADM PTL PPL surprised me with breakfast at Canteen B right before our Art History lecture. Bunch of sneaky people, love them to death. 
They so sweetly bought me roses (always my fav.) and their presents were just so wonderfully thought out. Trust Design school students to always colour co-ordinate. Presents + wrapping= no exception. So proud to hashtag #nofliter on these photos. My neighbour downstairs must have judged me a bit as I stood at my laundry line shooting the presents for an extended period of time. On the side, I also wanna thank Jo (my roomie) & Tiara for giving me the hugs&cheeryups&covering up for me <3 I promise I'll stop posting emos.
Ok, finally, my take on birthdays: Over rated. They're not meant to be a fantastically big thing. They seemingly are, but no. Also, whilst this theory has been tried & tested, there are explicit repercussions to not publicizing your actual birthday date on Facebook. Exhibit A here (*points to self*), gets people randomly wishing me a week before the actual day itself. It does bring a little humour to your life though. My dear Dan Yeow was the first to wish me HAPPY FAKE BIRTHDAY and, though ironic, I immediately felt loved. Hence, to conclude, everyday's your birthday. Live it, love it, and own it because, technically, nobody cares about the day that you were born, just your existence.