Balloons & Tea Parties pre-party prep


Hi guys. Fyi. My bday isn't till the 29th. Just saying.

Really thankful for all the support I've received from my family & friends. My parents have non-stop been hounding me about the prep/plans of my 21st bday. I felt the strange need to conform because all my friends were holding parties even though they hate hosting them. So, I've been giving my parents excels of proposals for locations and prices and to-do-lists. Life as a kid of 2 managers. We finally settled to have it at home, due to complications. Turned out to be kind of a good thing anyway!
Parents helped so much with the decorations. Also, I need to send out my special thanks to Yi Feng for setting aside time to help me with basically everything- from listening to me bitch and breakdown, to helping me move the furniture outta the house, to driving me to collect 50 helium balloons in his massive Wish. LOL I seriously couldn't contain myself when we collected the balloons. Started prancing around while the little kiddos around the store stared. Happiest moment by far.
Also, I have to commend on Adelia's idea of a prophetic act. 3 hours before the party, the sky was overcasted/raining everywhere on the island. It's so important that it didn't rain that evening because we had an outdoor grill/catering and our sofa/photobooth/deco were all out on the yard. Menacing enough, home was straddled in between a split of 50% dark & 50% clear sky. Adelia made me jump (like how you'd catch a ball) and blow them away in the garden like a total nutcase. Well, it miraculously worked because it went as far as a drizzle as compared to what town was like in the horizon. Joyfuljoyfuljoyful.
Ok, I'll be back w/ more updates when Shan lin passes me her photos! :) Or maybe the photobooth photos will sneak up first. See how.