For what you see, only your eyes will be (i)

Presenting to you the shoot Shanism (Shan Lin) did with me a couple of weeks back. I absolutely love the fact that she asked me for my (self-proclaimed) logo, then mashed both of us up onto one photo. On the day, she came over to pick out outfits for me, and even did some Lana Del Rey inspired vintage curls hair-do and light make-up 'cuz I'm a n00b like that. This shoot was highly inspired by Bright Eyes. Gotta love Pinterest, no? 
I really wished I had a photo of her to put here. I've been scowering her website for a shot of her but to no avail. Her eyes sparkle like the night of day wahahaAnyway, you can check her out  here  or here. Have a fantastic weekend guys!