It's ending.

Now that we've made it, what's next?

(Headphones, Copics, Sansdisk, Jamie Oliver cup, Teddy bear, Christmas decorations, Kikki k. pens, Blackcurrent tea, Bag hanger, Postits, Tablet, Cup holder, Notebooks, Ben sherman totebag)

Funny story. Mum went to NTUC to get me an empty bigfat Kettle Potato chips box, just so I could bring home all my luggage in peace. As I carried the ginormous box outta the office, I felt so accomplished. *Then I drove home with the bigbox in mah boot during rushhour #likeamofoboss. I can proudly say that I've been to hell and've come back alive.  Scarred quite a bit, but so much stronger. Hallelujah. So many people to thank for bringing me up when the world seemed so bleak. Thanks to you.
Tomorrow's the official last day of IBP/internship @ m:idea. Now that this's almost through, I'm not exactly sure how to feel.

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