Midea Youth Choice Awards

The Midea Youth Choice Awards is BACK! It'll be happening in Jan 2012 and the IBP students are fortunate enough to be hosting/organizing the event.
All of us chipped in for the design; and our Moodboards for the entire event only changed like  108237918237 times. Can't wait for the other collateral to be printed and ditributed!! Posters, Postcards<--so exciting, Banners, Web banners and Standees will all be going up soon. The Website (click here) was done by Mis, of whom I'm so proud of! She mulled over Dreamweaver&Slices(ugh, yuck) for days and finally got down and dirty with flash. Urk. But totally am in love with it.
MYCA is an annual award show by M:idea that invites youth to vote (as many times) for their favourite Celeb, Duo, OMG moments, brands, etc. There's a total of 12 categories to vote for; and the best part is that voters stand chances to win awesome prizes! I know loads of competitions overuse the previous line; probably till it doesn't hold any form of excitement anymore, but just a glimpse of what we gave away last year: 50 Zouk passes, Canon cameras, Ipods. Wonder what Marcomm's got this year! Voting period doesn't start till 14th November, and it stretches all the way for a month, so be sure to put a little Stickie note in your calendar!

Also, do be a darling and like the Facebook page now!!! Iffah & Noel have a... relatively high benchmark to hit, so ... just sayin'- it's be nice. You'll gain brownie points~

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