the lion king- Went to watch it with Mum&Dad on the last day of its runs (30th Oct) because of all the great reviews. Lol, a little bit slow! Adelia couldn't make it because she still has Os papers going on, sadly.
The show was so nostalgic and heartwarming and I especially loved the way it started out ,with all the animals arriving on stage through the aisles. Props were spectacular and very very impressive. They even had giant elephants the size of 6 men. The actors/singers were marvelous- pitch perfect. It totally amazes me how they can be jumping around, hurdling over objects and not sound completely shaken over the mic.
 It's a wonderful experience, watching musicals. My lasts were probably... Beauty World/We Will Rock You/Dancing in the Rain (one of the above)- very long ago. Comparing the MBS theater and the Esplanade, I must comment on how Mandy is (once again) right about the vicinity. MBS was really a let down; it's extremely small; no wow factor at all! So.sad.
Glad to bump into Iskandar Shah from Sec school there though! He was the supervisor for the ushers. So freaking cool man that guy. #likeaboss only~ literally. Lol he suggested a secondaryschool gather to go to the club or sth *crossed fingers*

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