Isn't she lovely.

Listening to The Prayer by celine dion & josh groban. One of my favourites. Keeps me alive.
Doodles of a far away place.
Penguins. Last last Friday morning

Mandah sticker Angela drew for me. Made me smile quite a bit. So sweet. "Feeling something is better than not feeling at all"- Noel Sebastian. Will always stay by that. Thanks N.


Photoshoot in Midea Photostudio for HYPE.

One of the setups.

Iffahs pretty RainbowDash (is it?) Love her so much.

You're My Cup of Tea Tote from Iffah. Lovely feathers, pastel.

Book mandy got for me. I'll always a reminder.

Roslyn's note <3

"You can't change your situation, but you can change how you deal with it."
"...its someone you can talk to aobut things you disagree on and end up being close for that disagreement."
This was my Friday. It was nice, though we didn't do what we planned initially. It was nice. Had a photoshoot in the studio for HYPE Food spread. I won't reveal too much on it but our writers- Fanny & Gary put in so much effort in the shoot. They were making food in the pantry and bringing it in. So special. Make sure you check the next issue of HYPE for it yeah. It'll be fantabulous. Because we've got awesome editors. And also, of course, awesome designers. #hellyeahwhootwhoot.
Wokay. Time to sleep. Feeling hungry from no dinner. Nighty night~

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