Five colours in her hair.

Got hot pink hair extentions on Sunday while we were at Hyatt, having High Tea Buffet Lol. Hot Pink, because colours make me happy.

Just skimming through my previous posts earlier than early before.
Lol. What happened to me.
"If you love something, let it go."
Still tryna find enough inner chi to learn this art.
I'm selfish like that. But I refuse to be defeated.

Just came back from a 3.4km run sprint with G. Then had a nice long talk with Chris. Seems like everything happens for a reason. I'm more than glad to help at least 3 peepz with their relationships this week. It's sad how we take everything for granted sometimes, huh? Anywho, everything happens for a reason. And, now's the time to ReblogReblogReblogReblogReblog on Tumblahhh2~ So sorry if I've spammed your dashboard!
Tomorrow's gonna be Mum's birthday dinner at Raffles Hotel (only because she's got a 50% off lol). Wed's gonna be Udders with Chris. Thursday's gonna be vocals. Friday's gonna be Butter. I'm all packed up & set for the week. Bring it on, world. Give me all you've got.

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