Unicorn land

As I speak, my sister is in a state of ultra-euphoria, drawing the different breeds of unicorns that live in her tiny warped brain and explaining how "Delia" is ½x⅔ (5/6) out of her name, "Adelia". I think 'O's are really getting to her. As Ben says it, Good Lordy.
So as you can see, there's Mr Normal, Mr I'm-getting-married, Mr Unicorn-on-skates, Mr flower, Mr baldie, Mr not feel unicorn, Mr Miss Rapunzel, Mr Unicorn on heels, and Mr long legs unicorn.
Personally, my favorite's Mr Unicorn-on-skates, but I'm just guessing LongLegsUnicorn was meant to resemble me the most. This post shall just have to do for now. It makes up for the first day of internship. Sounds completely scary but damnit, I'm quite excited.

Lotsa love.
See you on the other side.

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