Ain & I set a date to go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the previous Monday. It's surprisingly close to home (as in there's a direct bus) - the one at Potong Pasir/Serangoon. I must say though, there aren't a lot of stuff there to shop for. The place is slightly dodgy but I think the concept of allowing people donate willingly to a particular organization so that they can sell the goods' profits for charity is quite a genius way to give back to the less fortunate.
We saw this black handbag that was going for 20 (they right their prices on the bag itself with pencil). It wasn't that bad really. Went to Haji yesterday and saw the exact same piece for 150.

Since we didn't get anything from the thrift store, we decided to go to Oakham Market @ Ann Siang. I blogged about it here. Who knew it was closed on Mondays!? *insert sad face*

We had fun anyways. Ain remembered my birthday though. First thing she gave me was a F21 plastic bag with these beautiful gifts inside:
 She used a freakin' typewriter to type out her letter to me. I WANT A TYPEWRITER. It's really quite cool. Quite cool.
She also got me a Cecelia Ahern book called the Gift. My fav. book: If you could see me now - one of the only few books I've read my entire life. I haven't been keeping up with her though, sadly. Wanted to get her book @ the Borders sales @ PP but didn't. So when I got this, I was literally jumping for joy.


Oh, & btw, if anybody's in need of a designer, my dear friend's available for freelance jobs too :)  
Sorry, just had to advertise for you, babe.

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