Deep Red

(Deep Red clutch from Collage, Bangles&Ring from Krabi, Gucci shades, Michelle Silver & beige nail polish, Aldo sandals)

Why Hello.
This was the general colour theme for my outfit today. Deep Red.
Forgive me. Story of my life, I never have full body shots.

Just got this new clutch from Collage @ Haji Lane yesterday. Mandy & Michy think it looks like a potato sack/a pillow case/ Santa's bag. I still love it! So it shall henceforth, be name: Sack. How unoriginal. I really love how its a foldover clutch (see above pic). I've been scouting for something like the Clare Vivier's.
It's just missing the zip- but I guess that's why I'm paying $70 less than it. I compromised this for my Zara clutch which costs 259 </3 heartbreaker.

It's so difficult to find a decent clutch in this lovely colour really. What I usually see in Blogshops are these which are usually ranging from a price of $28 - $33:
PS:// Back when we were in Wuhan, they were selling them for $3sing. Just sayin'.

And I found a unicorn ring in my cupboard.
How freakin' cool is that?
Bet's my sister's.  

Diamond studded hairband from Accessorize
Yea, & I was broke at the end of the day spent with Dy'&Mich (watching Spy Kids 4- TERRIBLE SHOW *GAGS*), but still went ahead and got a pair of Aldo sandals.

And just to add on to my compulsive urge to shop, I managed to get these buys:

(Mustard Vintage Shorts from Robot Ninjas- they're having a sale btw!!) One of my favourite colours right now- apart from Emerald Green & This colour but slightly redder & more luminous. 

(Mint Maxi skirt from Missypixie)
&the gorgeous Moschino belt. 
Been wanting it the day since I saw Col wear it (L)

- - - - -

I'm broke. 
I shall not lust over the many other things in blogshops.
Yes.  Ask for repentance now, Amanda.

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