Don't even get me started on the list of things I do to motivate myself to start work. It's never-ending. I can't believe I'm even blogging about doing work. Today was a full-day work-day. I havent looked any further than a metre away from myself today. Super dee duper tiring. All my muscles from my back to my neck to my arms are aching. It's pathetic how tired I feel even though I'm on my butt the whole day. Utterly ridiculous and unhealthy. Argh.

  1. Can't believe I'm not even getting paid for this.
  2. Can't believe how laggy my comp is becoming. I need an iMac.
  3. Can't believe how it's 4.50pm and everyone's home already (not normal
  4. Can't believe I'm giving up going out with Mich,Dy&Col for this. Sigh, so here's playing Helena Beat.

I had to make myself a nice glass pot of tea, put it on a weaved coaster, get my laptop, tablet, camera (for God knows what reason), colour pens and rough pad to begin this madeness that I'm designing. I'm not even half-way done, might I add.
And yes, my house is very brown. It's wood practically almost everywhere. It's supposed to look "Balinese"  <--- I think that's how you spell it.

These Rum Chocolates certainly did not help at all. Stupid good for nothing rum. Pfft.
 Lemme' tell you what worked: The good ole' Pong Pia from Ipoh. Sedap only.

Mum came home early to use the dining table too. She's got these ginormous floor plans she has to go through. They're bigger than mahjong paper- i likey. So much room for doodling wahahahahaha.

Ok. I close my Safari and go ahead and continue with the madness on my inDesign window. Thanks for listening to me vent my anger. *heart heart*


Anonymous said...

Your house is gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE parquet floors, it make the whole place look so UNREAL. Wild guess: Does it happen to be in Serangoon? [:

listography9 said...

@etrepatient: Thank you :) My parents went a little too crazy though. hahahaha. But nope, I live in Frankel!