This is Krabi, my friends.
My mum calls it Primitive (after looking at the pics), I call it, best vacation.
I think that's something we really need before Internship starts.

Best duck noodles. ever. No M-S-G. I usually hate noodles but, this was good.

Nat. Likeacool only


LOL. Chinese.

@ the Fish farm. We were clearly amazed by the derpyness of some fishies' faces.
Outside of The Small Resort. <---- That is the name. LOL. The small. What a way to brand your hotel.
 Nat & I's got the same duffle from Cotton on Body :D Her's is the black.
 1st Day outfit.

 2nd Day outfit.
A bowl of cornflakes+yogurt+muesli+raisins (preferably with bananas) is the usual holiday breakfast buffet meal. 
 Camera lens condenses so much after a night of aircon in the room.
 Nat's breakfast. Always a routine to take pictures of her food.
 This is Frenchie. Also known as Clement, or Dee's BF.
 ARGH, MY HAT BROKE. so I buanged it in the hotel.

 Tour guides there just love to take Jump shots for us. Everyone of them asked us to jump after a proper picture.
Nat & Manda
Manda & line
Delora & Amanda
 Ok, not the glamest photo. We went snorkelling. And we got bitten by Nemos. Wahahahaha.
This batch of rock climbing pictures just remind me of Where's Wally? Ben somehow camouflages with the rock wall.

Lol. I never knew one man could create such a scene. He gathered so many spectators because he was #likeaboss.
On our 1st/2nd night, we went to this restaurant that served rice that came in heart shapes. So adorable! I think I've vaguely seen it on SophieW.'s blog.
Mango sticky rice
Fruits (L) can't live without them
I. LOVE. PAD THAI. It's so gooddddd. Ok, I need some thai express and thai massage now.
Vintage Merc.

 HEHEH. Chinese doggy smiling.
View from the Food Night market.
LOL. We called for a cab, and they gave this to us: a shabby car that had its petrol tank at E. All 6 of us grown people squeezed into it. Ben & I cramped ourselves into the front seat. It was detrimental.
We were playing this game called Dobble @ 1am in our hotel room. We were screaming our heads off 'cause it's a reaction game. Not the best idea to play that in the wee hours! Still; Bridge ftw (L)

 Quiet time on the roof deck
 Tiff necklace
Manda, Dee, Nat, Line
 They had Dairy Queen @ the Airport. Boy was I ecstatic.

Airport, Krabi
 Fish farm
View from the roof top of the Small.

I've got so many pictures in this post that even Blogger is spasming out on me. (62 to be exact) It's a super condensed version of our Krabi trip (which at 430 ++). Most of the pictures are on FB really! Honestly, Krabi's a beautiful place. Although the weather during the day can be quite tiring, the evening breeze's very pleasant. It's especially exciting to have a trip overseas with purely, your friends (&bf. Hi ben ;) ). *Crossing fingers for Hong Kong next year!!*

I actually promised myself that I'd make a video of the trip but haven't gotten round to viewing my footage yet. Been busy with Idk what I'm designing.

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