&it was all yellow

First up, I just wanna say a big thank you to dear Viv for our band shoot yesterday (PS:// sorry I cropped the 2nd photo). So sweet of her to shoot the three most awkward people in front of the camera. She'll tell us to "LOOK HAPPY AND LAUGH GUYS!", and, with widened eyes, we go,"ahh-ha-ha-ha-omg-we-can't-make-it-ha-ha-ha". That's when Chiewy&Edeline come in with their ever-funny laughing gas that saves the day <3 We owe all them 10 million & 1 lunches. Totally fell in love with this shoot's location she picked for us because the grass isn't green and the lighting at twilight is almost perfect. Can't wait to see the rest of the roll. Anyways, Adia, Sam and I will be performing at the Quad (SBS - School of Biological Sciences) NTU, on Saturday, 11 - 1130am! If you're down, do drop by to say hi :)

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