Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony '14

Long story short, we had the nothing but epic Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony (HOCC) on Friday. Tia experienced one of my many momentary frenzies, the second those strobes started orbiting. The scene played out as follows: 
Manda: *Grabs onto seat*  IT'S BEGINNING
//10 v.long minutes later//
Manda: Eh, damn long. Tia, go stand at the railing so I can take a photo.
Tia: *v. obediently makes her way down. curses and swears* 
There's your explanation behind the first photo. I love my friends for putting up with random moments that I just need-to-photograph-someone-because-of-good-lighting
Anywho, I felt so tingly after every performance. The dancers' hard work and long nights really shone through those moments when they took their bows and beamed those smiles. So proud of Hall 13 & and my cousie Nicnic (Hall 12) for putting up such an awesome performance. 
On a side note, ha ha ha ha dear Cepheus randomly messaged me that photo (2nd last) the other day "test shot from video shoot. concussing now". I think he did a wonderful job (as usual) with the shots for our Hall Dance Intro video, despite the storyline being a little complicated. The theme for this year's is Transcendence. Above is the promo vid for Transcendence through time, love and distance hahah we all tried our best la huh. Just love the way Michelle dances her Contemp. Sorry for the lousy acting.  
PS:// Shout out, thanks T for the flower even though I'm highly undeserving of it.

Edit: & Here's Hall 13's one and only Effervesce (I think that's how they spell it) busting some moves on stage. 
Check out Cepheus's channel for the rest of the halls.

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