Push Play Acoustic

Photo by Samuel Han 
//I know I'm supposed to continue my OOTD post from before but I'd rather see this and the latter post go up than my ugly face hahaha// The acad year's coming to an end. Hall has pretty much drained me and my weekends away (for some strange reason, I have yet to put my finger on). Nonetheless, I love Pushplay. We had one of our last performances on Cultural Night cum Talentime. Jas, Joanna and I did a laid back choir-ish version of Royals & Legohouse, accompanied by the ever swag Yong Sheng, De Sheng & Nic. Couldn't have gotten through those late night practices without these awesome possums. They've taught me much too - like how it's completely possible to perform with your shoes off, dangling your feet off the stage. Peace out, guys. Study hard, bell curve the bell curve.

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