Behind the Scenes (Maltese Falcon shoot)

"But you know that's so."

Look @ that colour mix. *excited for their film*
"Mandee, stand here. Now your face is half pink,' said Eloh hahahah too adorable

Most of the photos by ELoh & Kendrick.

I recently got the honour of working with Esther Loh & Kendrick for their film project. About 3 weeks ago, dearest ELoh texted me to audition for it and to tell you the truth I was quivering, reading the text. I've always been a big fan of both their works ever since foundation year. So, stress, stress. Might I add how my acting skills score a max. of 1/100 points. You'd think that I'd feel normal being on set, considering we had modules after modules of being infront of cameras in Mass Comm, but no- that's 3 years gone to waste. ELoh and Kenken did a fantastic job directing though, ever so meticulous, and super welfare <3 It's defo not easy to manage a team of 8 (I think), but they did it with efficiency and fabulous-ness~ I'm so touched by their patience and encouragement, despite doing at least 10 takes for each scene.  
From what I gather of Matlese Falcon, it's a noir, black & white film from the 80s with mafia and agents. They had to do a remake of it for  a cinematographic assignment, so they played with coloured strobes (I absolutely love the colour mixing)- also explains what ELoh was doing in one of the photos above: adjusting the barn doors. They also used a smoke machine to fog a secret pathway behind ADM which I'll probably visit once again because the lighting is perfect. They stuffed my fat ass into an authentic chiong sam from Viv's grandma's which was so delicate, I didn't dare to breathe. Lena, the art director, also found me a fur coat. I looked legitly Asian with them wing-lined-eyes, but hey- no complains, long live the Asians. I think their prod team worked spectacularly together. 
Le partner in crime (more like detective to the crime), Kasimir, taught me much. He helped me with all my lines by whipping out his phone to check our scripts on set :X Something I'm eternally grateful for, given the fact that my hands and feet were preoccupied holding the fur coat and maneuvering some 3 inch heels. Nonetheless, I'm glad I made a new friend who just might turn out to be Hollywood's new popz stunt man. 
Thanks again to the Eloh and Ken for this :) &For the sake of your grades, I really hope the film turns out well. //All hail the film majors//

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