Struck down but Never destroyed

"We're not perfect. We make mistakes. We screw up, but then we forgive, and we move forward. At least you have the courage to feel. You feel everything so deeply."  Nicholas Sparks  
Updates on life.  Still thankful for the support from all my friends who've helped me realise that there are people who blind themselves with lies because they can't handle the truth. Also, wallowing in self pity is a no-no. This is entire saga is not worth my time. "Crying isn't an indication that you're weak, since birth it's always been a sign that you're alive." I'll strive to channel constructive-ity out of negative emotions. My grades will not be affected by this. (I'm putting this up so that you guys have the right to scold me if they drop). Lastly, I will be a great success in life. Watch me.