Adelia's 18! (The Knolls, Capella Sentosa)

Age matures with beauty. I kid you not. Just look at my sister, Adelia. In all honesty, I think she's the prettiest 18 year old in the world. Love her to bits. She's my bestest friend. I remember how we used to fight all the time. So thankful that's all over. 
Special thank yous to Mummy for finding our lunch spot on Saturday. She does such an awesome job every year around this period of time. Lemme break it down- 26th, Dad's Bday. 29th, mine. 31st, Adelia's. We usually go for a yummytummy meal as a family. We hit The Knolls at Capella Sentosa this year. Beautiful hotel with a colonial style influenced exterior, but modern chic interior. It's an indoor-outdoor sanctuary with spiral staircases, infinity pools and ... ok it's just really cool. We even had random peacocks flocking around us as we walked around. Total Enchanted moment there. 
Yeap. So here's wishing Adelia a splendid 18th birthday!! May all your hopes and dreams come true :) Loves.