Shooting Pigeons

Was looking forward to this shoot since 5ever. I never done a shoot out at sea before so imagine my excitement when Gen told me of our venue. Well, my baby pigeons have outdone themselves; just look at'em. They're terribly photogenic. I couldn't believe their transformation after our makeup artist left our yatch that was docked at Punggol Marina (some freaking far ulu place w/ really good food). Genevieve, our DnD chair, has really cool neighbours who go fishing over the weekends so we were able to board on with their kind permission. Lighting that afternoon was so tough to work with because of the occasional drizzle, but the Pigeons pressed on despite not so optimal conditions. Every time I look at their smiles, I can't keep myself from beaming inside. Either that or I just burst out in laughter at their act-yi-ge-dao faces. Hahahah. Hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them.
We have: 
F1 Cheryl Tan
F2 Loong Xue Er
F3 Priscilla Tay
F4 Cheer Dawn
M1 Wee Hong Ye
M2 Yuen Ming Liang
M3 Joel Chia
M4 Bryan Loy
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