Just came back from Batam with BFF Vin. You don't see Feng and Andy in the photos because they are annoying abandoners. Really needed to get away for a weekend to catch a little breather. Batam's air wasn't much fresher though (cigs are $2 per pack and you can smoke any&everywhere 
Our 2D1N trip was planned by Groupon, of which, they decided to upgrade us from a 3* to 4* hotel named Harmoni One Hotel. It's an incredible place really - a convention centre, cum Hotel. The Greek influence of Corinthian pillars sends shivers down my spine. I've always wanted to go to Greece. 
Ok, so I love indo food. Just that I can't eat spices or chili - which makes me really unAsian. But anyway what really made my day was the A&W float. Still don't know what it is about the the chilled cup and french vanilla ice cream.

We went to Go kart in an open area. It was like a mini race course with locals standing by the sides watching your sharp turns. I mentally played the Iron Man theme song at the back of my head while drifting like Vin Diesel. Lol. I wish. 
And here's the asshole gloating about coming in first. In my defence, it's only because they gave me the slower girly pink shitty Dora the Explorer go-kart. I was flooring the accelerator and vroom, Vin just happily drove pass me.
We cabbed everywhere and spent a cray load of money on that 'cus we got scammed by the hotel's awesome rates. Should've known. I conclude that I'm terrible with money/finances/numbers that end with 0s. You'll be surprised because till now, if Vin were to ask me to hand him a 60k Rupiah note for cab back, I'll just stare blankly at him and be very tempted to just hand over my entire wallet.

Spent the afternoon at the pool. It's so peaceful there because nobody ever goes up. Ok. Now that I think about it, it was kinda dangerous to be there alone but heck, I'm alive hahaha. I was enjoying the serenity of the place 'cuz the pool attendant kindly left the gym door open for me so KISS 92FM could blast out. Surprise surprise, so much Singapore in Batam.
I'm wanna stay at Montigo the next time I go over. Wonder when that'll be.