The Weekend

Dare you to move like today never happened

Adelia's new Supreme cap

1. River Cruising along Clarke quay/Boat Quay/Robertson Quey 
Meh, it was alright. Mum bought some Groupon tickets so we shaved off an astounding Dollar off our tickets. But yay for family time. I wuv my famz. They're totally weird. I fit right in. That's Adelia taking a photo of Yima's car's sun roof because we've never seen one before. Too cool.

It's right beside NAFA behind a small alley. Secluded but ever so charming. Went with Bryan on Friday after morning shift. You can almost feel like you're being transported to another country, with the courtyard rod iron gates and brunch benches. Overdoughs is by Artichoke, the cafe right next to it. We had the Dark Chocolate Brownie ($6.40, I think) and the Passionfruit Tart ($5.40, I think). All is good, I have desserts in my tummy.