SCS Social Night

I would tell you which company this Social Night belongs to but all I know is that Marvin's in SCS. The Ah Boys have become Men. I shall begin my post with a quote from Jack Neo. Guys who can maintain their relationships through army are highly respected. I paraphrased but you get the gist. &No, I am not together with Marvin. I'm pro Team Bryan. but once again, I've been made an epic backup plan for a social night date, for one of my best guy friends, because of...certain reasons that thou shall not be disclosed.
Familiar faces at social night are so rare. So when I saw Gen, Ashleigh and Jamie across the bar table, I screeched a little, heaved a sigh of relief and hugged them. Vin's SCS Social night was at Pasir Laba camp. He's an Infantry spec (going to be? Idk). The proceedings were almost exactly like the OCS one (that I wrote about here) but somehow, I felt like this was just a tiny bit fun-er. Everyone seemed so ecstatically bonded. The theme was Beauty and the Geek. Then again, I never understood why these things had themes. Ashleigh, Jamie and Gen really were so gorgeous, as usual. 
I wore Collette's black cocktail dress. I was frantic, looking for a dress ('cause I didn't want to waste money buying a new one), and she sent me heaps of photos of her fantastic clothes. I just died right there staring at my phone.

What to dos: 
1- Cab to social night. Idk Marvin wasn't allowed to book out to pick me up, but taking a bus in heels is not worth it. Speaking of which, unless you're okay with standing around, elevated half the time, just wear flats. Thinking for your toes here. 
2- Don't overdo you dressing (in case you were planning on trying to win Best Dressed). It doesn't work that way. Sweet and simple does it.
3- Either cross yours fingers that you'll meet friend there or, very obvious Option 2: be nice and make new friends.

3a- But if you do find friends, please don't neglect your date. No, like seriously. I caught myself almost doing it a few times.
4- Don't count on getting full on dinner. Talk with your mouth full or not eat so much while talking. Pick one. Most of the people go for supper afterwards anws. 
5- Take loads of photos at the photobooth. Bring your own camera because you're usually only entitled to one shot per couple. Don't action-action bring your dslr. Who's gonna carry for you? LOL ok I'm kidding. By all means, bring the dslr. Good photos are a must. 
6- If you're going home. calling a cab will do you good. 
7- Lastly, just keep that smile there. You can do it.