Foundation Drawing Final Crit

Foundation Drawing Final Crit
Rule no. 1 when it comes to Critique: 
I know your dslr is heavy. But I may divert your attention to the above shots- iphone quality. Like a shit. You will regret it. As do I. I stress so much on good quality photos. 
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This is one of the many rooms in NTU ADM that's used for Foundation Drawing class. We do nude model drawings on a weekly basis. It becomes a weekly ritual to come to class prepped with (at least) a3, & max a0 paper. It doesn't have tables, just many irregular swivel chairs and wooden stools. Class begins when Mr Ng decides that the no. of absentees have reached a depreciated stop after the clock hits 8.30am. He's the most amazing teacher anyone could have- Ng Woon Lam. He does oil painting, watercolour and sketches. I just googled him for your sake and found out that he has a freakin' wiki page, here. That's too cool.
For my final crit, I did an artist study on Ch'ng Kiah Kiean. He's an open-form artist who does ink and graphite sketches. Like these:
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Pardon me for the totally non-candid, totally awkward creepy photo of me above smiling. It's in my innate nature to follow the crowd when the rest of the class decided to take photos with their work. 
Late post for Thursday, 25th April 2013.