Army Daze Hall 13 Production

Hall 13 proudly presented its our very own Army Daze production, held on Saturday night @ Jubilee. The theatre was simply amazing. Its ornately grand (but somehow cozy) colonial demeanor, stunned all of us the first time we entered for blocking. Dressing rooms were gorgeous, fitted with as light bulb mirrors ++manymany more. BUT the main attraction were the 5 guys: Malcolm (Daryl Ho), AhBeng (Ian), Kenny (Kevin), Krishna (Neal) and Johari (Jun Xiang). These guys worked their butts off to perfect their acting cues and stage presences. TBH, I think they did a great job staying in character, especially when one of the trees on stage accidentally fell. Quick thinking, these guys, blaming it on Krishna. I must say, I'm not very crazy over the font for the advert poster though. I'm not even sure if the sentence is grammatically correct; but ah, whatever works la. So glad it's over.

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