China. 10 things I've learnt.

10 things I've learnt in China

With all the stuffing our faces with junk food, thrashing about ACSI boys, bitching about idiots till late nights, scowling at disgusting eating habits of spoilt brats @ the dinner tables, we were thankfully able to churn out a decent list of things we've learnt from our epic 5D4N budget stay in China. This is effectively the only productive thing we completed throughout our vacation.


1. They constantly fall in love on bridges.

2. Costa Coffee is the new Starbucks. #TeamStarbucks >:(


3. 2 outta 5 china hotels don't have wifi :( Non-smoking rooms are still smoking rooms. Bunked with Dora for the 5 days. We just be talkin' bout Caleb allll theee wayyy~ teehee.


4. They have a lot to spit & their sense of personal space is questionable.


5. Kang Shi Fu will be your best friend. He is on cheap biscuit brands, mineral water and restaurants. I love him.


6. When in doubt, always wear shoes. Do not under estimate the physical power vested in old people. They used to be farmers. They push real hard when nearing exits, doors, or any form of public transport or personal gain. They will, I repeat, they will, trample over your toes. You have been warned.


7. They have too many gardens that look alike. In the span of these 6 photos, I have visited 4 gardens. kthnxbai.


8. They carry umbrellas, regardless of the weather. This is our really funny tour guide.


9. Fish in China = impossible to eat. The amount of bones is equivalent to the number of strands of hair on my head. (not that I usually eat fish anyway, but #justsayin'). Food there is too overly seasoned. I had to waste plates of rice just draining away the buckets of remnant oil.

10. &Lastly, they do not lock toilet cubicle doors :'( And don't throw sanitary tissues into toilet bowls :''( (i'll save your sanity and not show you a picture to illustrate this)

I'm so happy to be back in Singapore. Don't get me wrong, I love China to bits, but after touring it 3 times, you more or less can predict what you're gonna see. Conclusion = China is meant for shopping. 
 I only posted a few shots here 'cause Photobucket's being a totally douche. Click here for the full album. It's on my FB so I hope you can see it.

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