Hide outs.



This is for the sweetheart on my Formspring. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Didn't post of the entire house for privacy reasons :) Sorry, for the late entry..was caught up with a lot of deadlines. 


Green House + Balcony bathroom
Side Patio

Ohmannnn. I'm so gonna miss this place when I go for Uni, farfaraway :'(


Anonymous said...

Your house is so pretty, Amanda! I would gladly travel two hours home everyday from school if I were you. I love reading your entries too! The visuals are so lovely I don't even... Y IS EVERYTHING ABOUT U SO GORGEOUS! I am gonna be your #1 stalker from now on. Don't become a mainstream blogger okay! Keep it Indie. <3

Amanda L. said...

Hi babe! <3
Haven't seen you in so long :( We needa go out okay. I know I always say that but yes, I shall make it a point to fix a date with you. When are you free? heehee. I miss being around your awesome preeedyness.
Aye, no please. Speak for yourself. I love your blog too :) ! It's so inspiring, really. Please keep updating. I've been stalking you with bloglovin.com for my doses of Xanthe <3 x 2