Tea & Crumpets

Art jam with Col.

Art jamming @ Arteastiq with Col was fantastic. It's our first time there so we didn't really know what to expect. From the floors to the aisles, almost everywhere's been intentionally splattered with acrylics- something I've always wanted to do with my home. A student package that includes 3hours of painting time + 1 free (tea/dessert tea/coffee) costs $28 and an additional $5 per hour. They provide you with acrylics and also let you bring home the set of brushes that you use to paint. Although I must say, most of their stuff (like paint and brushes) aren't of best painter's quality, I thought it was totally worth the money for a painting-art experience (Y).
We were the only ones down for our 11am-2pm session (because it's a weekday) but I can just imagine how cool it'd be if all the aisles were filled up with people painting. From what I vaguely remember, Mandy and I once dreamt about setting up a studio for people to paint in Year1! LOL. Judging from Arteastiq's success, I think we would've been millionaires. 
Anywayz, following our time at Mandrin Gallery, Col & I finally got down to lunch @ Soup Spoon then Canele for Macarons. So awesome. Can't wait to have another art jam :D

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