Crazy cats

Why so gorgeous, Pixie? :')

I'm so starstruck. Pixie Lott's exclusive music showcase was just last Friday. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE TICKET N. I was literally jumping for joy on my cousin's bed when you called. This lady's pitch perfect and so very adorable with her cat ears. Even though our wait in line for the concert was longer than the actual showcase itself, it was totally worth it. She started off with All About Tonight and played other songs like Bright Lights (ft. Kevin Lester from Sixx & that dude on the guitar), Cry Me Out... YEEEKKK Pixie Lott. Hope she comes down again to do a full blown concert. I'd really like to see her dance <3 Starstruck.
 PS:// Sorry for the shitty quality pictures. I've been using the Leice Digicam alot lately.

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