This is just Day One.

brace yourself.
It's one heck of a photo reel.

Airport. Daddy sent us there.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for breakfast

Eggs Ben; Adelia & my favourite breakfast whenever we head off.

Derp mornin' face

Central Festival Market- This place has all the international brands. Didn't think it's worth the time & money to go.


This never fails to crack me up. 
Whichever country we go, once we see a Baskin Robbins/Dairy Queen/A&W, it's mandatory that we stop there for a meal. 
The lady behind the counter took 5 fail shots, and finally got us in focus. Alright~
Lunch. Seafood Tomyam that was disgusting. Never trust shopping mall restaurants. Always go for street food (Y) Cheap & good.

My Pathai was a freakin' omelete please. It was NOT GOOD.

Reached the Hotel

Reached the Westin. They gave us cold towels. Lol.

Map & where we stayed. 
OUR BALCONY. Our room is perched on a hill, so steep, you can't walk up. You gotta take a damn buggy.

ok. this is the buggy.

Our room.

I love my nails. I know you love them too xxxx.
Hotel Lobby 
View from the Foyer.

This is Mother.

Checkin' out the hotel premise

We went swimminnggggg.
The Bridge that connected the place

Splash pool.

 Forgot to remove the plastic protector from our new goggles.

Horizon Pool.

 Ryan's super cool speakers

This's what Dad's crazy lens does to people.

View from the room.

Think Beautiful. Now think more beautiful than beautiful. That's the Westin, Phuket. Lol, I sound like I'm writing an ad for them. They're that good. The resort looks amazing during the day, and even more majestic at night. So glad we stayed there. Spent a good 1 hour ooh-ing & ahh-ing at the hotel. 
The place looks like Greece, with all its terracing plots of land on Siray Bay Beach. It sits on a hill, so when you look up from its private beach, you see villas staggering at the terrain. Everywhere's a splendid view. There were 3 infinity pools <---- ohhhhmygawd. I need one at home. I'd go hysterical.
The sun in Phuket is insanely scorching. It came to a point where my SPH 50 sunblock on my face formed a thick layer of white foundation. That still wasn't enough. My freckles have given birth to baby freckles which subsequently reproduced grandchildren. My facial lady's going to lecture me, once again, about how expensive lazering off those spots is going to cost.
Ryan tagged along with us for this trip because he was bored and had nothing better to do at home. Put both of us together, and you get the ultimate derp faces. OWNED. I bunked with him and creeped him out with my grinding of teeth at night (Y). #theAmandaWay. We got a room suited for honeymooners. The toilet was made of glass. But before you exclaimed--- there was an automatic/remote controlled curtain for privacy.
Brought my Dad's camera along for the trip. I think I've developed biceps/triceps/delts(IDK WHAT) from carrying that heavy peace of artillery. It freakin' weighs a ton.
Mahhhhhh, more pictures to come soon~ 

 PS:// so sorry for the alignment of the pics. Blogger's going haywire.

To the anon on my formspring: 
Hope these pictures give you a glimpse of Phuket :)

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