I hate the sun. Really. I do.

Day 2.
Hotel Breakfast + Phi phi Island tour + Phuket City tour.

You'd think that I'd have grown to love the sun after 9 years of netball court training. No. I still hate it. It makes me tan. I hate tan.
So. Phi phi Island (pee-pee island) is a gorgeous place. We got a tour package that included 3 islands in total. (If you're planning to go to Phuket- here's a tip for you: Prebook your tours in Singapore through AsiaWebDirect- it's 20% cheaper. ) All the islands looked the same. Even similar to the ones we visited in Krabi. The boat ride there took 40 mins. 40mins=forever, on a boat with no shelter. Swimming in the sea was awesome. You can never sink 'cause the water is ultra salty. Never understood how they snorkeled with a lifevest. I already had problems staying under the water without one. Deep sea diving would be too cool.
We got really retarded and flirty tour guides. 1 of them waz French 'cause half our tourgroup needed a translator (Y). He's a French scubadiving instructor in Thailand. How cool iz that?!
Returned from the tour in the evening, 6pm. The view of the sea from our room; it had drawn back stupendously. We saw raw corals/seaweed/rocks and alot of sand. First reaction: Tsunami. Die. Then we found a letter, shoved through the room door with the tidal scales for the week. It's just the low tide season-.- where's the fun?!
Headed down to Phuket Old Town. Street food, guuhhd. Massage, ehh, so-so. 

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