OCS Social Night

Beautiful place, Army Museum.

So adorable. This Sticky bottle of sweets was a door gift, together with a rose for the ladies.

snatched these off FB

Forgive the terrible mother of gap hair. I realise I stay farfar away from black dresses because it seems like such a safe colour. Everybody wears it & the chances of turning up with a copycat-gown dilema seems to pose as such a big threat.  
The Alpha Wing Social Night, like any other, was held at the Army Museum just next to Safti camp. Very beautiful and scenic. Hoping I'll get tickets to Shamus's commissioning parade *crossed fingers*. They had free instax for us, so we spammed photos.
The food was a spread of spectacular buffet delights, raging from shepherd's pie to cupcakes. But I'm sure it'll vary to the likings of different platoon Social Night Planning Committees. Social Night was literally Social+Night. They didn't even have chairs for us (only high bar tables) because they wanted "mingling". Poor girls with heels.

Every platoon had to put up an item.

I think it's absolutely hilarious how the guys were made to clear up after the event. They even denied the help from the girls because they've undergone "training to be gentlemen" after all, said Shamus.
I don't have advice to give on how to survive an OCS Social Night event, but here's a leaving note: Everyone there probably feels as awkward as you do so just go with a smile & be ready to make friends. You'll survive.

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