Faded pages.


Goodmorning. Can't sleep again.
So I'm awake with my greentea, changing my top banner + blogging.


I'd probably say that this is the most priceless thing to me right now.
My brown book.
*just got it back from Shanghai*
*pumps fist in air*

Mandy gave this book to me, before IBP started.
So I've been filling it with my life - work, doodles, special quotes to keep me going.
Now that it's finally filled, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
Chapter of my life.

 Mandy's page.

 Drawn on the flight to Shanghai.

My Penguins

I was doodling in it on the last night, just before we departed from Shanghai.
Left it in Fraser's Suites.
Bawled my eyes out the entire cab ride to the airport.
Thankfully, Dad makes trips there for work.
So he kindly picked it up for me.

This book's like my journal, in secret encoding drawings.
Losing it made me realise that no matter how terrible this period of time may be,
I'd never want to chuck it away.

Suckiness is still part of life anyway.
It'll get better. I promise.

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