Making new memories.

I think the best parts about Shanghai were the Food & Shopping.

  1. Paradise - Coldplay
  2. Buses & Trains - Bachelor Girl (hilarious song, i swear)
  3. Every teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay
  4. Helena Beat - Foster the People
  5. Pumped up Kicks - Foster the People
  6. Raise Your Glass - P!nk

Just some random photos, 'cause I'm really lazy to post a proper post on this.
If you'd like a day-to-day post on my pics, my sis, Adelia, has done an outstanding job.
So, I'm just gonna tell the story like this's a pic book~

We went for a 5 days trip there. 
Stayed in Fraser Residence in Pu Xi.
Such a messy place to be.

Our road trip to HangZhou brought us to eat some 臭豆腐。
At the Bund- in the day.
Isn't Shanghai beautiful? It doesn't even look Asian.
*brownie points*

Complete must for us to take pictures with Starbucks overseas- even though we didn't get any.
Try spotting us! HA HA.

Walkin' to shoppin'~

Shoppin'. Lolz.

Got really pretty hats from the messiest shopping centre.
They're probably 1/4th of the price they sell here in F21.
Christmas day outfit. Thought it was totally apt.
Green & Red.

Walking to Dinner.
So happy when I found my Happylemon there.
~with Rock Salt Cheese.
Mum, me, delia
The Bund again~
Oh yeah, and I met Jolene, who's doing her internship there too.


So amazing. Black Roasted Corn.
Tastes like Brown Rice. Lol. I would know. health freak.
They're CongBa is the bomb.
Promised myself that i'd only eat the CongBa in China.
Tryna keep to that.

Got scammed by the China peoples to buy Grade AA Green Tea + Green Tea pills.
Few hundred bucks. Insane Chinese people with sick American accents saying words like Cologne, Testosterone, and Photosynthesis. Gotta give them credit.


It wasn't the normal Breakfast buffets (Hate those).
I usually just go for the cereal because... Yeah. IDK why.


This Bag Tag showed us that Dad's Cam's bag's about 10 years old.
 The Big Breakfast for Mama.

 Red Tea in the morning.

 Whole family ordered Carrot + Apple + Ginger juice everyday.
The people know our orders by heart.

 Dad's burritos.
Capsicums, Egg, Bacon, Ham, Onions, Salsa.

Mine. Best Oatmeal.


Food Street we were brought to to get local delicacies.
Reminds me so much of Wuhan.
Sesame sticky things.
So. Good.

Best of all.
Dragon Beard.
the love of my life.
Made Adelia try it.
She loves it.


Met Val :) :) :)
Such a lovely tourguide

She brought us to this restaurant that her family usually patronizes
It had Si Chuan/HongKong food.
So good~

I just thought I should post this.
Their Cheers equivalent.
So overpriced and hilarious.

Oh gawd.
This is the most,ever, I've used so much Chinese.

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