The Last Song

Personally, I detest watching cheesy love movies. Why'd you give yourself a chance for mindless crying? But since I've got nothing better to do than to laze around & wait to get better today (so boredddd. there ain't no thermometers at home. that's how long anybody has been sick in this house), I watched The Last Song:
"You have a right to shut down, but please don't push me away.
"But that's what I do.. I push people away…"
"We're not perfect. We make mistakes. We screw up, but then we forgive, and we move forward. At least you have the courage to feel. You feel everything so deeply." 

Nobody explains it better than Nicholas Sparks.
"Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them even more."

"Someday you are gonna open your heart, and you're gonna play again. and it's not gonna be to make your mother happy. It's not gonna be to make me happy. It'll be for you. Because music, love, they're gonna bring you joy."
Most importantly, "Love is not always enough..." 
I hate cheesy movies. Can't emphasise that enough. But what they say, somehow or another, always make so much sense.


Linette Cheong said...

HAHA i love thats how! Shit man, i'm secretly a fan of sappy love movies. oh Hi manda!

Amanda L. said...

@linette: HAHAHAHA hi nette. zomg. we should have a sappy movie marathon togethaaaa.