Digging out old stuffs

Lol, not my best shot, but i think it's hilarious how I got it.
Like I previously said, I really am bored at home, waiting to recover -don't really know what from, 'cause I refuse to go to the doctor's. but I'm guessing it's some wonky flu bug in the weather. Looking through old stuff & found this:

"It only dawned to me that a miracle had happen yesterday and I was too blind to realize what was clearly so magical unfolding right infront of my eyes.

We'd gone to Huang He Lou yesterday. 
I'd asked God about something: "Hey God, how would You take this shot to showcase the humungousity gan(干)that's in front of me; please help me, please inspire me."

So there I stood, still, looking at the tower, at the bush that formed the huge chinese word. 
"You know how I'd take it? I'd take it from where I am, from heaven; an view overlooking it."

So clearly all I could do was laugh to myself. I was so not going up to heaven to take that shot. God's wondrous and I acknowledge that there are some stuff that mere humans cannot accomplish. I didn't think about it anymore until this afternoon when I was editing my pictures.

What do you know, I ended up having the shot that God placed in my head; the same angle that he was showing to me- I shall call it the Heaven shot.

All I could do was LOL even more. Hilarious lah." 

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