We boothin'~

m:idea  I believe I haven't given you an explanation of what exactly is M:idea (mee-di-ah - that's how you pronounce it). It's a youth led organization by Ngee Ann Poly School of Film Media Studies that's split up to 8 different commodities; Hype, NPTribune, TheUrbanwire, Inspire Design, Marcomm, Radioheatwave, CTV and Moving Pictures. I'm doing design in InspireDesign. Whootwhoot. Tough work, Internship.
The above (and below) pictures illustrate our daily activties- camwhore and wasting our lives away. Stayed in The Loft @ 92 for 2 nights, designing the upcoming issue of NPTribune. The Loft is something like a free apartment/chalet that Ngee Ann Poly has. All Alumni/staff/students are allowed to book these apartments. They're usually used for camps/stay overs. So yeah, we've been there- The Midea Editorial team (Mandy Editor, Nevin Copywriter, XinZhe Deputy Editor, Noel Urbanwire Editor, and Shery&I-designers) and the designers! Not had alot of sleep~ 

This is Misliana.
This is Shery.
This is Mandy & me eating cookies.

 This is Noel and my awesome Marks & Spensor Strawberry yogurt sweets.

Random//: &This is my H&M necklace which I thought nobody bought so I bought it (but now that I see so many blogshop wearing it in their shoots, I refuse to wear it out).

Well, gonna go drive over to my BF's to send his sick body a bowl of ginseng soup now.
yeahhhhh, I passed my driving ;) thanks for all your prayers!!!

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