TOPSHOP TOPMAN Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection launch

Dazzling blue eyes. Omg. Okay, derailing from topic. Look at the top! Pretty checkers.
Love the sweater + shoes.

Favourite outfit on the runway. Simple and classy girl-next-door knit wear. Probably die of heatstroke in Singapore though. Maybe shall get it for Shanghai during Christmas. HMM.

Top (left pic): Mustard yellow maryjane dress, so cute. Can't stand the ear-muffs inspired hairband though.

 I absolutely drooled over this dress as the model strutted her way down. Black velvet, puffy sleeves and bare backed with sides cut off. So beautiful. Not so crazy about the bandage turban though. Don't have a proper shot :( Forgot to check my exposure meter.

THE HAT!!! <3 Thought she looked like Rumi Neely- Fashiontoast
I love her strut the best. We went into the fitting room and she was walking towards us. Clicked a pic with my Ipad and forgot to save it. Urgh. Her smile was heart stopping.

TOPSHOPTOPMAN AUTUMN/WINTER 2011 COLLECTION looks rather splendid and comfy. Loving the brown, the occasional yellow and unexpectedly, the turquoise (& blue). I think Michael Van Der Ham's a genius for putting everything together. I'd never have associated turquoise and Fall/Winter. The knit, fleece and maroon leather. Gorgeous. Don't even get me started on the models. Head pieces and round neck collars are so gonna be in.
The Launch/event was held outside Ion. Explains the long queue beside the pop-up store? The runway was chic, clean. They had it last year in the Level 8 Ion carpark. Totally believe the ambiance was so much better this year with Ion's glass-LED light structure and the traffic of Orchard Rd. Street Fashion Love. There was a massive rush for the 20% off at the Ion outlet after that. Got a beautiful sheer cream top with gold buttons; but that was before everything because the Topshop ladies allowed us to pick out 1 top that's (max) $100 for our efforts (?).
So thankful that Ronald was able to get Elise, Iskandar and me media passes to be fashion photographers. We were prancing around the scene with iPad-Instagrams, taking pictures of fashionable people- and of course, the best thing's that we got the excuse to be right smack infront of the runway.
Brought my 1.4f/ but Sam, who was standing beside me needed it. So, there I was, in the crowd, all squashed up, handling an iPad in my left and a 70-200mm 2.8f/ in my right. The camera was probably 4KG and I got tired of lifting the probably 12inch lens. Didn't check my pics as the walk ran and only realised that all the female model shots were overexposed on the bus home with Col :'((  Ignorance is not bliss.
But yeah. Yay for Topshop.

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