My MOSCHINO Belt from Taobao finally arrived. It's beautiful. *gawks* I particularly looked/scouted for the one that said "MOSCHINO" only and not "LOVE MOSCHINO" because... yeah, we all know why. Lol.
But anywayszzz:

Presenting to you 2 new members of the Unicorn family- Unicorn1 & Unicorn2. No shit, that's what my sister named them. After the whole episode of the skin-diseased pink unicorn (I blogged here previously), I decided to get 3 more prettier unicorns for my sister from Amazon.com- of which does not ship to Singapore on certain occasions. I had to you VPost for it, super expensive, but very efficient. They sent my unicorns over within 2 days, tops.

The first unicorn's from Despicable Me - The Movies. It's actually super miniature!! Just had to get it because... oh jeez, it's just beyond retarded looking. The second one's just so cuddly.
The third unicorn (or 4th, if you count the skin-disease one) is ON IT'S WAY. Can't wait!!! Also can't wait for my Jeff Campbell inspired black boots to arrive in Singapore. G's father's helping me ship it over- but that's a different story.

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