Pink Ponies

(Gay pink unicorn, Double toned nails, Camera strap)

 Usually I'd smile at anything pink- don't really care if it's bright neon, pastel or burnt. But give it up for the gay arse flowerpower unicorn to break my record. Been wanting to get the Despicable Me IT'S SO FLUFFYYYY unicorn plush for my sister to root her on for Os but, ________ and ______ went to __________ then ___________ and then ___________. And that's how the weird ass skin disease looking unicorn with flowery velvety prints got brought home. It's needs to be sent to the doctor- that's what it needs. No, not even my pink-orange nails or the new Juicy-Couture inspire strap (which Col & I got from G-market) that just arrived could cheer me up.

Thanks a lot.
I wanted it to be special, but I know if I don't pretend that I'm not totally barbarically pissed off, it'll just on to the stress in this household. So for the greater good,
Welcome to the family, FlowerPower.


Anonymous said...

I think the pink unicorn is a lovely gift!!! Its so cute. *-* Where did you get it from?

listography9 said...

@Anonymous: Sorry for the late reply! I'm guessing you formspringed me already :) My parents got it from Toys R Us @ Forum