This's dedicated to all the lovely people and gifts that I've gotten over this weekend.
Thank you guys so very much.
This was such an enjoyable week.

PS:// If I left your present out, sorryy, I was lazy to swoop out my camera again, but still thank you!!!




Ben got me a bouquet of flowers and a black leather with silver buckle Masimmo Dutti wallet because my previous Zara floral fabric one was giving way. The epic story of how he and Dy got it just contributes to how special the gift is. still laughing over it.


So thanks B.!
Like a cool only siol?
lol. I'm gonna get a big fat scolding for this, so please do swoon in the awesomenest and total suaveness of my very cool boyfriend. *screams like a fan girl*


Like not many others, I actually spent a very rainy actual birthday with my mum, who brought me shopping @ Parkway for a pair of shades. Loved the time we spent together. And Love my new shades. It was between Gucci & MBJM.


The sales lady @ TheLensMan was telling me how the laser cut (the Gucci prints on the sides of the shades) and bug eyed frames were in trend -probably hitting Singapore in Nov (till Feb 2012).
She was so dubious that my face would suit it after countless no. of trying-ons. I sat there for probably 10 mins listening to her ramble and taking out sunglasses, saying, "Ahyah, they all look the same one lah."
My arse.
From then on, I knew she didn't know what she was talking about. Walked outta the store.

Bought the Gucci from some other shop
& walked pass LensMan with'em #likeaboss.

yeah. And mum also gave me an empty card. I didn't really get it.

- - - - -

Thank you Dy', Col & Michy for the UKELELE.
hahahahaha i love saying it. UKELELE. UKELELE. UKELELE.
& the cake!
& the surprise (with Noel & Jo & Ben)

Thanks Jolene for the total hipster vintage tshirt :)

Thanks Adelia for the pretty lanterns around my dresser mirror now (L)
So. Damn. Pretty.
My room looks like a freakin' resort at night now.

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