Le Baroque

Cream Cheese Red Velvet Red Sugared Cake Michy,Col&Dy baked!

Noel & Ben
Jolene & Michy
Collette,Dy, Michy

We'd gone to Fine Cuts for a birthday dinner with Ben, Mandy, Michy & Col at Fine Cuts, Clarke Quay Central. The lamb the Mandy ordered was lovely. I actually would really like to revisit that place again. It's tucked in one of the many alleys in the basement of the complex.

Michy,Coll&maybeMandy baked a superduper cool Cream Cheese- Red Velvet cake for me which had red sugar sprinkles over the white cream case. It's the sweetest thing ever! Well, literally too. Yummy to the max. Sadly, couldn't get a proper picture of it 'cause I had to only bring my Instax along that day.

Le Baroque @ Chijmes for drinks after a great dinner.
Noel & Jolene were there to surprise me when we got there :)
So touched.

Thanks for an awesome night out guys.

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