Happy Birthday Xanthe :)

 Xanthe's Birthday @ The Serenade!!! :)

PS:// Most of the pics were taken by Ben. A+, photojourn student!

It was held at The Serenade @ Holland. Really beautiful condo. The party went by the most adorable theme- The Smurfs. Props to Xanthe for smurfin' of the smurftastic theme. See what I did there? LOL. Ok, so everybody was to dress up as different smurf characters- or so we tried. But most of us just went with the blue&white dress code. I went with Smurfette (at least I tried to, thought I really don't fancy her character much) so white dress and flower in hair it was!


 Noel was just too cool to be true. He borrowed my suspenders and... I think he's brainy smurf now.
Our emcee for the night. Winnie. The sweetest girl ever.

Birthday girl blowing out her candles. Didn't get a good pic of the smurf cake though :(

Sherlene's hot pink hair. Whoohoo.

 The NP group photo. Omg, Xanthe's super cute with the turkey on her head. Christmas stuffing (L)

 Jolene and Josh were with us too. Over skype. (L) 
 We'd adjourned outside to the cooling night where my bf and luke started sparing. ☝ good job guys.


 Anyways, this's a short msg to Noel:
Hello Noel. Iwuvyou & ♥♥.

- - - - - - - - - -

Dearest Xanthe,

I'm sorry for the terrible card(s) I gave you yesterday. It was actually a really rush job... so here I am now, apologizing and re-giving you a new card ♥ I just wanted to say thanks a lot for everything, being a wonderful friend. I'm truly blessed to have met you, esp. in Wuhan (sorry I keep talking about China! :/). I thought I wouldn't have many friends during that 5 weeks, but I found you and Heather and Sandra :) And I'm really glad. & I also want to say thanks (a very late one) for that little sheet of tissue paper you stuck on my door after Wuhan prison. Meant a lot to me. I was really considering of telling you why I was so troubled but I'm not a very showmyemotions kinda person so.. I'm sorry for that- but thanks again ♥

I've always admired your confidence and your brilliance in making people feel so warm & fuzzy. That was one very touching speech you gave there btw :') Love you tons! Stay as beautiful as ever.

Always looking up to you babe. Happy 21st ;)

PS:// That was a great party.

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