1-0-1 How To Be Superstitious // Viscomm 2

Sorry for the lack of updates in this space. Judging by how much dark-circles concealer left in the tube, you can roughly gauge how much slogging I've done over the past week. I officially arrived at my breaking point for Viscomm2 last night when I sat in the corner and stared into blank space from 2 - 4am because I couldn't take the pressure (all's good now, all's good).

Viscomm, this sem, has been such a joy, really. These were for our submission. Our crit today with Candice, the most amazing lecturer, took place after 4 trips to Art Friend (in the last week), 4 rounds of the product lab, a lecturing from Patrick and 2 sleepless nights. Our brief was to "Imagine the year 2050 and a particular tradition that faded by then". I picked Superstition, even though I'm the least bit of it. Since my campaign targets students during the Hungry Ghost Festival, I decided to make a 1-0-1 How to Be Superstitious Kit that consists of wooden file that contains a textbook and a totem that works like a magic ball 8. Process Journal: Here.

I'm sooo damn blardy glad this is done, but the terrible bitter sweet effect kicks in after realising that she ain't teaching us in Year 3 anymore. Speaking of which, has it dawned onto anyone else that WE'RE GONNA BE YEAR 3 ALR?! WHUTWHUT.

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