You are my Sunshine

Photos by Vivi

Once, or actually a couple of times back in sec/poly, I raised my hands during Worship and got visions of standing on stage, singing. I laughed at the thought of it because I'm basically the meekest person you'll find existing. Stages, mics, and people (sometimes), freak me out. I told this story to Adia once. I can't recall what she said now but I do know that I'm so thankful for the skylark girls (even though we're changing our name, yet again. no, don't ask). I've learnt so much from them- from rhythm, to harmonies, to stage presence to mic handling. Don't get me wrong, I still got a whole lot to polish on my vocals and the butterflies always seem to be fluttering every time we go on stage. But strangely somehow, I have this quiet confidence in us that we'll always be able to squeeze our way through any performance, or... say... laugh it off as we accidentally leak profanities on stage. These two are the most on-the-spot and impromptu people. It really is something out of my radius but what the hell, there's this contagious swag that works when Adia grooves her jazzy tunes and when Sam simply moves to the beat.
So. Yeap.
Awkwardly bawls heart out.
Bro fists.
Awkwardly signs off.

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