You are my sunshine

Thank you for the photos Vivi :) 
First gig at ADM, yay over. We had our annual Valentine's day celebration, which was a quaint gathering at the cafe. What else can you expect from a faculty like us. Thank you so much for the LG galz for coming down to support :') Really so touched. 
Setlist: You are my sunshine, Moves like jagger, Make you feel my love, Skinny love, Yellow, Someone like you 
If you missed out, er, too bad. LOL. We'll be playing for NTU Open House again (with some minor changes to the set) but do pop by if you have the time! 
Anyway, I'm proud to announce that Sam, Adia & Amanda in a Band has officially gotten a name. We now call ourselves Skylark. No, don't gimme that "that's a frakin' hipster name". I'll shoot you. We thought long and hard and when Kendrick finally casually called us that, we stuck to it. And hence, we are who we are today. Many thanks to Kendrick for getting us this gig, that (eventually, on the same day) got us another gig(s) on Fridays. Update you soon :)

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