Hae Bee Hiam

Welcome to the crib.
This is our final year photographing at the monumental Yishun House staircase.

Entertaining ourselves with selfies. Idk, somehow it's a new way of breaking the ice.
She loves making birds nest, she's awesome with the sewing machine and she every time we go over, we'll have steam boat.
OK. so this is a traditional pose we do w/ our aunt every year. Stand straight, head tilted one side. And Go.
The three siblings. Dad, Aunt, Uncle.
Quite cute la three of them hahaha
"You look like your 姑姐(aunt)" I got that about 5 times this year. I don't get it. We look completely different.

Photos by Daddy Lim

Ps, I don't know why I'm naming all my posts after Chinese New Year goodies. Not a big fan of them, tid bits. Then again, I'm not that big a fan of CNY too, so wtheck. It just came to my attention that I live amongst really tall and ginormous people, especially on my Dad's side. Everybody's around the >165-170cm. It's like a collective bunch of people who have trouble bending over to tie their shoes, or pat the super cute dog (at the Serangoon House). LOL I make it sound like being tall is a chore. I admit that every single thing on this list here applies to me, but at least now I know I'll "never walk alone" (shout out to Liverpoolers~).

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